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Planning the perfect beach excursion starts with a picnic basket filled culinary delights along with signature wine and cheeses from Sonoma County to compliment your picnic basket.



Stump Beach: A playground for children with a small creek children can play in. This hike visits a prime spot for whale watching. The trail is a short hike along bluffs overlooking offshore rocks, which are home to harbor seals.

Salt Point State Park Beach:A mix of sandy beaches to steep bluffs and sandstone cliffs. Great site for underwater reserve for divers.

Still Water Cove: Trails wind up through fern lined canyons along creeks through picturesque redwood groves. Stillwater Cove also offers a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean, as well.

Bodega Bay Beach: Miles of white sand beaches where you can see for miles.

Goat Rock State Beach: A beach with pounding waves for viewing only, also the outlet for the Russian River and home to the sea lions of Sonoma County.

Schoolhouse Beach: A favorite for locals for fishing for rock cod and eel. Locals also pick abalone from under exposed rocks during low tide.

Dillon Beach: A mile of soft white sand beach, sand dunes to hike and play in and tide pools for exploring at the north end of the beach.

Wrights Beach Campground: Discover a beautiful beach and campground situated 6 miles north of Bodega Dunes.

Salmon Beach Located 1.2 miles from Bodega Bay, you will find Salmon Beach a perfect place to sunbathe and enjoy the majestic rock formations along the historic Hwy 1. Gentle Salmon Creek winds down to the ocean here and in summer the sands close the entrance, so the creek forms a lagoon. With two miles of sandy beach and dunes, Salmon Creek has good surf making this the most popular beach along the coast for surfers!  Take care here; the riptides are dangerous. No dogs are permitted.

Duncan’s Cove: Located on Emry Road in Bodega Bay a long sandy beach below rugged headlands, a craggy coastline with natural arches and secluded coves are features that make this beach a favorite for campers.

Shell Beach: Situated along Hwy 1. in Sea Ranch -Shell Beach boasts a beautiful location for sunbathing or frolicking on this magnificent coastline.

Coleman Beach: Coleman offers a rockier coastline for exploring and a great picture place of the tides rolling in and out.

Blind Beach: Join the fun at Blind Beach just south of Goat Rock.  You will simply enjoy the time you spend at the gorgeous spot for sunbathing and playing in the Tide Pools.  Be safe around colored jellyfish and sharp rocks if you explore higher up the beach.

Doran Beach: Situated on the south side of Bodega Bay this beach is a great place for birding, camping, fishing, hiking, walking trails, kayaking, canoeing and of course sand castles. It also offers a picnic area! The Park opens at 7am and closes at sunset. This beach can become windy with shifts of weather however like we said it’s a favorite place to watch people. The picnic tables have windbreaks. There are trails through the park and dogs are permitted on leash. Because of the wind, this beach is a favorite for power kiting and watching people engage in this extreme sport is a lot of fun.

Sonoma Coast State Park: Coastal beaches in Sonoma County consisting of public access use on lands adjoining the Pacific Ocean. This extent of beach runs from a coastal point about 4 miles (6 km) north of Jenner and continues for approximately 17 miles (27 km) to the south to terminate at Bodega Head. The property lies along State Route 1 and consists of a number of named beaches including Arched Rock Beach, Gleason Beach and Goat Rock Beach. The ecosystem consists of alternating sandy beaches and rocky shoreline, with a marine terrace extending above the entire extent with an upland California coastal prairie habitat.


Healdsburg Veterans Memorial Park Beach: Situated in Healdsburg this fabulous swimming beach is the perfect place for a day on the historic Russian River. With views of the majestic forest on the other side and a magnificent erector-set-looking Healdsburg Memorial Bridge this place truly offers that family fun day in the sun. Adjacent to the beach is the Healdsburg Veterans Memorial Park. Complete with picnic tables, restrooms, showers and a playground.  Summer hours open at 7am-8pm.  $7 per vehicle parking full day!

Johnson’s Beach: Join in the summer fun and river festivals at Johnson’s Beach.  A favorite spot for locals and tourists to enjoy that big day on the river.  Sunbathe and play at this ever popular river front beach with views of the forest that simply relaxes all your thoughts!

Sunset Beach: Located at 11060 River Rd in Forestville, this charming lake side beach is perfect for a day of play. Since it’s such a cozy section we suggest arriving early for parking!


Stinson Beach: Have such a wonderful day along Stinson Beach.  This beach is a great place to stroll along the waterfront or perhaps spend a day fishing along the banks, be sure to bring a light sweater as the weather is always changing along this waterfront!

** The Pacific Coast under currents and powerful waves and can be a danger to adults and especially children. Use extreme caution when visiting beaches at all times. Ghost waves are imminent. Climbing on the rocks and cliffs is very dangerous and should be avoided. Tidal conditions can strand visitors. Avoid sea life and jellyfish.

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